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ARB 4x4 Accessories

ARB makes accessories for the serious 4x4 user. Their bullbars are a byword for toughness and their range of 4x4 accessories is extensive and includes diff lockers and compressors that allow you to quickly and easily reconfigure your vehicle for especially arduous terrain.

With many years of design and testing in the harshest conditions of Australia, ARB have continually released great strong and long lasting products. Most popular of these products is there range of protection equipment, like bullbars, side steps and under body protection.


ARB Bull bars

One of the greatest hazards faced by the remote 4WD user is that of animal strike. Unprotected, even the toughest 4x4 can be rendered un-drivable by an impact with an adult kangaroo. So if you are taking your 4x4 to remote areas, you can protect it, and the safety of its occupants, with an ARB bull bar.

ARB makes bull bars of uncompromising toughness, yet every bar complements the looks of the vehicle it protects. Choose from the sleek Deluxe and Sahara ranges, or for ultimate strength go for an ARB Commercial bull bar, and for the smaller vehicles, ARB has a range of nudge bars.



ARB Side rails and steps

Protecting the front of the vehicle is everyone’s first though, but they don’t think of the side. With ARB’s scrub / side bars and their protection steps, you will be set for anything that comes your way, whether it’s an animal side impact, paint scrapping branches, damage from unseen rocks or branches lying on the track, or even just to help you and your family to get in to the vehicle.


ARB Rear step towbar

Just like their side steps, ARB’s rear step towbars are a must have for your ute. With the hazard of having the weight of a wheel carrier on the rear of your Ute, this lighter and just as strong option will give you all the protection you need. This rear step not only helps you protect the rear, it also protects the lower corners of your wellbody, has a incorporated towbar, built in recovery points, and also helps you obtain things from your canopies roof rack, its uses are endless.



ARB & Kaymar Wheel Carriers

The biggest problem with going up in tyre size, is that it more than likely doesn’t fit back into its factory position, and that is where you can utilize a strong wheel carrier.

Apart from our brand of Strongarm wheel carriers, we also have the ARB or Kaymar range of wheel carriers and bumper replacements. These carriers not only give you the carrying space for that tyre, the base of the carrier is also made to withstand anything that you throw at it, and along with carrying your spare tyres, these carriers can be tuned to also carry fuel or water jerry cans, as well as having a wide range of accessories to make your trips around town or out bush, even more enjoyable.



ARB Under Vehicle protection

Often the last thing for people to think of, is protecting the underside of the vehicle from damage, often caused by Unseen debris on the track, such as rocks, branches or general rubbish. If you have ever had this happen to you before, you’ll understand how one poorly paced tree branch could cause so much damage, leaving you stranded far from help. That is why ARB’s underbody protection is so important; protecting these venerable areas of your car could save you from large bill, caused by engine or drive train damage.



ARB Recovery points

Having a good, strong point on your vehicle, is incredibly important in the event of being snatched or winched, and with ARB’s rated recovery points, you won’t have to worry. Made from the strongest materials, and compatible with their under vehicle protection, these recovery points will keep giving you the option of recovery for many years to come, whether it’s from a snatch strap, another vehicles winch, or even your utilizing a snatch block and your own winch.



ARB Canopies & hard lids

Protecting your equipment, tools or that load of holiday gear, from the environment or theft, has never been easier than with one of ARB’s range of canopies and hard lids. These products are made from high quality fiberglass, and incorporate gas struts, locks, rubber seals, metal bracketry and bolts to the vehicle in multiple spots, for increased longevity.

ARB make sure that the style and lines of your vehicle are continued to their canopies, ensuring that you get the most out of your vehicle, and you look good while doing it.


ARB Fiberglass Flares

When you upgrade your wheels, you might often find that the wheels might now sit outward of the body, this isn’t legal and also makes the vehicle untidy. With the ARB body flares extending out further than the body; it will fix this problem, as well as giving a little more protection to the paint of the vehicle when you’re navigating those tight tracks.



ARB Air Lockers

In standard form, many 4WD vehicles lack differential lockers, meaning that on loose surface the power loads follow the line of least resistance, spinning the loosest wheel and robbing you of vital traction. Even a limited slip diff may not provide enough “limitation”. Fortunately, ARB 4x4 accessories include Air Lockers which use compressed air to lock the differential, allowing the vehicle to be driven slowly and steadily through loose patches. ARB supply air lockers for over 100 configurations.



ARB Compressors

Your vehicle performs best when its tyres are correctly inflated. Unfortunately for 4WDers, the widely varying terrain they expect their vehicles to tackle demands that tyre pressures be occasionally reduced. After a stretch of loose terrain, you can take the sweat out of restoring your tyre pressures, or of re-inflating a repaired tyre, with an ARB compressor. ARB makes both on-board and portable air compressors, each designed for lightness and compactness.



ARB Recovery equipment

When you’re stuck and in the need of recovery, you will want to make sure that you have the best quality gear available, to ensure that you get recovered safety. ARB have been helping people get recovered for many years, and that is because of their wide range of equipment including, snatch straps, winch extension straps, winch snatch blocks, shovels, Hi-lift jacks, shackles, and even heavy duty bags to store them in.

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* We are still in the process of uploading products to our page. Please call for more information
* We are still in the process of uploading products to our page. Please call for more information

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