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4x4 Storage Systems

Your 4WD is, at heart, a beast of burden. Whether you use it for plying your trade, for long expeditions into remote Australia, or for taking the family on day trips, it’s likely that you’ll want to configure its carrying capacity to suit your own and your family’s individual needs and the best way is with a set of 4WD drawers.

Having the ability to divide up the interior space of your vehicle can be crucial to your work or holiday experience, this organization will allow you to access the items you need at any particular moment without removing your entire load. Tradseman will find this feature to be a game changer, as it gives them the ability to access the tool or component they need when they need it, this will cut down on job times allowing you to complete jobs faster and move on to the next one. As well as being able to access your item with ease, and because of this organization you will be able to carrying more, this mean that you won’t have any regrets when your onsite or out bush. If you’re configuring your vehicle for touring with a caravan, the last thing you want to do is empty the caravan out when you stop at the end of the day, that is why you may need to maximize the storage in your 4WD, along with a conveniently accessible fridge. Being you home away from home, making sure that your vehicle and caravan are organized to the fullest is paramount.



Black Widow Draw systems, are the most renowned names in the 4wd industry, producing the very best draw systems on the market, all from their premises in Victoria. These draws at their time would hands down beat anything else on the market, because of their rugged construction that has seen these draws last our customers for many years of abuse.

Sadly Black Widow had to close their doors early 2014, being another victim claimed by the poor global financial market. Even to the very last days, we supported them the very best we could but sadly we couldn’t prevent this tragedy. Closing their doors has left a massive hole in the market, which has now given the other draw brands a chance.


Primarily products for your caravan, RV Trade and Fleet have grown to be the only company out there to match the incredibly high standards created by the Black Widow Drawers. This high level of quality has been applied to their whole product range, this product range includes:

  • Caravan Boot Drawers
  • Fridge sides
  • Battery tray slides
  • Generator slides
  • A Frame storage boxes
  • BBQ Drawers


With many years of experience in the 4wd industry supplying Australia and the world with products of outstanding quality, of both their own designs and products that they support, ARB has become the benchmark for 4wd products and accessories. One of these products is the ARB drawers, which are made by Outback draws systems, these draws are perfect for you to sore and organize your gear, with the peace of mind that they’ll stay there. This peace of mind is all due to the fantastic materials and features that have been carefully engineered and designed to ensure that you get the very best from your vehicle. Some of these great features include:

  • Key lockable, push-pull slam shut latches for ease of use and maximum security
  • Safety slot between draw and floor / lid to prevent your finders from being jammed or caught.
  • Rock solid construction, even when loaded to its fullest.
  • Long lasting, UV stable commercial carpet designed to complement modern vehicle interiors
  • Cross folded floor ensures maximum support for items placed within each unit
  • Vehicle specific side floor / wing kits that completes the installation and reduces redundant areas within the cabin, while still allowing storage beneath.
  • Folded stainless steel runners, with high quality roller bearings for smooth drawer and slide operation
  • Self-locking system to lock the draw into place at full extension, removing the hazard of closure when parked on an angle.
  • Modular unit system to allow greater flexibility in positioning, or other changes in the future.
  • Easy removal and installation
  • Compatible with cargo barrier systems