Air Compressors & Tyre gauges
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4x4 Air Compressors

At Ultimate 4WD Equipment, we pride ourselves on supplying the very best of equipment to ensure that every one from the beginner, right up to serious 4WDer, can get them and their family in and back out safely.

An essential piece of equipment for the 4x4 enthusiast, or even just the casual beach driver, is a strong and reliable air compressor, and air gauge. Ensuring that your tyres are the correct pressure to adapt with the changing terrain is important but just as much is also having the ability to quickly and accurately restore your tyre back to suit the firmer ground.

Having a compressor that is portable can been just as important, this gives you the ability to move your compressor from vehicle to vehicle, or to remove it for safe storage, and because the fittings are universal, you could even use this for nearly anything from your bike, right up to the family hatch back.


Ultimate 4WD distributes 4x4 air compressors and accessories made by three manufacturers:



Mean Mother 4x4 air compressors are designed to be either portable or permanently mounted. They are designed for reliability, performance, versatility and ease of operation, and come with a 5 year warranty.

There are two models in their compressor range, the Maxi and the Adventurer, these models both have most of the same great features that make them one of the toughest, most reliable compressor on the market.



ARB, one of the most trusted names in 4WD, make both permanently mounted on-board compressors and portable compressors. In addition, they make tyre inflation kits, and have a wide range of compressor accessories.

Most off-roading enthusiasts need a compressor for tyre pressure management alone. Commercial and industrial users, however, need the extra power and flow rate to drive air powered tools. To solve this, ARB has a 12 and 24v air compressor option, these compressors come in a handy carry case and can also come with a handy air tank to give you that extra reserve. Operating tools or inflating tyres, isn’t the only thing that these high quality compressors can do, they can also operate your air locking differentials. 


Bushranger 4WD has been making high quality air compressors for many years and has a great range. This range starts with the well designed for compactness, and then continues to a larger ready for anything compressor. Bushranger compressors have a built in tyre deflation valve for fast, accurate deflation, with no need to swap in between compressor and gauge. Bushranger compressors come with a 5 year, no-quibble warranty.