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4x4 Performance Exhaust Systems

The best this you can do for your engine, is to ensure that air flows through with ease and doesn’t cause any unwanted stale air to cause problems, this is especially the case in diesels. Over time this stale air can cause buildup of dirty residue left behind by the burnt fuel and oils, which will shorten the life span of the engine as well as increasing the fuel economy. To prevent this from happening, you need clean air to be forced into the engine and then forced free of the car, this can be solved with a combination of accessories, most notably is a snorkel. By adding a high quality snorkel like a Safari Snorkel, will then force the clean cool air from the roofline of the vehicle, right in to the engine, which then gets pushed free of the vehicle via a larger diameter aftermarket exhaust. This flowing effect will then allow the engine to work less, therefore creating a better fuel economy and longer life span of your vehicle. This fuel economy saving and extra power can also be increased as well as managed with the help of a performance chip / module, like the Steinbauer module which talks to your engine to ensure that it is only producing power, when it is actually needed. By changing when your engine produces power, you will gain up to 25% more power and torque, as well as an added extra amount of fuel savings.

Aftermarket exhausts are more commonly known for their loud groaning noise, but those exhausts are just for show and don’t improve your engines performance or longevity, and in some cases they do more harm than good. A good quality exhaust system like the ones from TaipanXP, won’t increase the volume of your factory exhaust or groan though the car, instead they change the way it sounds. This sound change is due to the larger diameter of the exhaust system which lets more of the engines natural sound come out; this sound isn’t louder but instead it’s deeper. The larger diameter of an aftermarket exhaust, coupled with its high flow muffler and catalytic convertors, will draw the stale air from the engine and assist it either the current or aftermarket air intake with bringing fresh air in. This flowing effect is what causes your performance and better fuel economy.


TaipanXP is a 100% owned, operated, and made product that we are very happy to supply for our customers. TaipanXP diesel exhaust systems increase the size your factory system up to a 3” diameter from the turbo, right back to the end of the car, improving the efficiency of the engine to avoid unwanted turbo backpressure. This back pressure is decreased by incorporating a very well-engineered Vortex Muffler of their own design, into their system. The result of this is greater power, reduced turbo lag, improved fuel economy, and a lower exhaust gas temperature (EGT) – all welcome benefits. By Lowering the EGT you have the effect of restoring it to factory settings when it’s been paired with a performance chip, but it is also noticeable in the engine when towing and mountain driving.


Taipan XP Sound

The factory muffler can restrict a lot of the preasure from the engine, and when under load you might here it groan though the car. This groaning isn’t a problem at all with any of TaipanXP’s exhaust systems; this is due to their increased diameter, and their engendered Vortex muffler. With this combination, you get a deeper sound that doesn’t groan through the car, to make your engine sound like it should.

TaipanXP’s Vortex mufflers come in the 2 different options, quiet and sports. The quite exhaust is their standard choice and gives you that deeper note, without any increase in volume, while the sports muffler gives you that same great deeper sound but has the added increase in volume.



Taipan exhausts come included with all the componentry needed for you to install them, including such mandatory items as the High flowing catalytic converter, vortex muffler, ceramic coated dump pipe and it is all sectioned in to manageable pieces. The system use the factory mounts, but have been designed so that they provide you with extra clearance, this is done by moving the exhaust closer to the body.


TaipanXP exhausts are compatible with such accessory items as Airbag suspension, suspension lifts, and aftermarket fuel tanks and finished with a tail pipe to suit most rear wheel carriers. TaipanXP have also though about those vehicle models that have a chassis extension option available, and can supply a compatible version of the exhaust.


Choice of Materials

All of the TaipanXP exhausts are mandrel bent and assembled with high quality materials, in there manufacturing facility in Queensland. The advantage of having an Australian made system is that it can be custom made to suit, this is possible by bringing your vehicle to their premises in Queensland.

These high quality systems are all made in the options below:

  • Full Aluminised Mild Steel System – best suited to vehicles operating mainly on bitumen, with rare beach use.
  • Aluminised Mild Steel exhaust system with T-304 Grade Stainless Steel Mufflers – provides corrosion resistance where the vehicle is used for short costal trips and tends to accumulate condensation.
  • Full T-304 Grade Stainless Steel System – ideal for extended off-road and beach use and for towing. Stainless Steel is well known for its longevity and corrosion / rust prevention. 


If the reason for wanting a Stainless system is because of the corrosive environments that your vehicle will entail, we would suggest that a rust prevention system is installed, like a Couplertec system; this system puts a low current of electricity through your vehicle to repel rust partials from being created. Having this system installed means that you can down grade your exhaust to a Mild Steel version, instead adding an extra pad to the exhaust itself.


For performance and durability, it just has to be a Taipan.

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