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Long Range Fuel Tanks

"Range anxiety" has a special meaning for Australian 4WD users, who spend a great deal of time in remote areas, covering the vast distances that characterise the Australian outback. So it’s no surprise that here at Ultimate 4WD Perth, we deal with a lot of requests to extend the fuel capacity of our customers’ vehicles. Of course one way to do that is with Jerry Can holders, but for many customers, nothing but an auxiliary or replacement long range fuel tank will do; and the best fuel tank manufacturer is Strongarm, which operates right here in Perth. StrongarmTM long range fuel tanks make replacement or auxiliary tanks for the Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Ford 4WDs ranges.

Strongarm Fuel tanks

Based right here in Perth our Strongarm range have been supplying range-extending petrol and diesel fuel tanks for over 16 years, and Ultimate 4WD have been distributing them from their inception. Their tanks feature the use of 2mm Bright Form, precision folded BHP steel for scale-free welding. They are internally baffled to control slosh, and the baffles contribute to the rigidity of the tank. Double-skinned mounting brackets and an undercoat covered by “Stoneguard” commercial-grade external sealant complete the specification, making Strongarm fuel tanks the leaders in their field.

Other features of the Strongarm design include:

  • Drain plugs, for the unfortunate case that you strike a bad batch of fuel, draining the tank is easy.
  • Rare earth magnets to collect any metal fillings that may be in your fuel, this protect  your engine from damage.
  • Most Strongarm fuel tanks use the factory hoses.
  • In most cases, the factory sender unit and pump are retained.
  • Depending on vehicle, Strongarm fuel tanks provide a capacity increase of between 60-100%.
  • Made from 2mm Bright Form Alumiuminized steel, to give it increased strength and longevity.
  • Double skinned bracketry


For the serious 4x4 user, undertaking long range expeditions, nothing but the best will do. And for long range fuel tanks in Perth, that means a Strongarm tank from Ultimate 4WD Equipment.

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