Snatch Straps
Snatch Straps
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Snatch Straps & Shackles

Recovering bogged vehicles can more than likely involve the use of shackles and snatch straps under immense strain – often several times the kerb weight of the vehicle itself. Snatch straps work by storing kinetic energy for brief periods as the strap stretches, then releasing the energy to provide the necessary force to recover the vehicle. This strong force however can also cause damage to the vehicles and even people in the vicinity, if not used correctly, or if the wrong strap is used. Buying cheap or poor quality products can be one of these faults, that is why Ultimate 4wd only stock the very best in recovery gear.

Along with a good quality strap, you’ll also need to make sure that how and where the strap is attached to the vehicle, because attaching it wrongly can then cause damage to the vehicle and its chassis, even cause serious injury or death. One of the biggest killers to happen during a 4wd recovery is the death caused by using wrong, ill fitted, or poor quality recovery points, with the biggest culprit being the humble tow ball. Designed to hold the constant force of a trailer, a tow ball is not capable of holding the immense force that a snatch entails and will sheer from its mounting point, creating a deadly projectile that has claimed many lives. The same thing can be said with the factory “tie down points”, designed to hold the car down in transport by boat, trailer or flatbed tow trucks, these points efficient strength to handle a recovery. This may sound like doom and gloom, but there is an easy fix for this problem and it comes in the way of a rated recovery point, these points will then give you the needed strength, reliability and positioning to ensure your recovery is safe every time. This positioning is perfectly suited to be used with an equalization strap, which spans to either side of the vehicle to create a V shape, this centered point then becomes a great place to attach a snatch strap or winch hook. This equalization system then helps distribute the large pulling force evenly across the vehicle, this means that there is less strain put on to either of the vehicles, allowing you to also apply less force to create a safer recovery.  

Both these Australian manufacturers make snatch straps from 100% nylon webbing, according to exacting Australian standards. They also feature reinforced eyelets designed to prolong the strap’s service life.


Mean Mother snatch recovery straps come in 9 meter lengths and two widths; 60mm and 75mm, giving 8,000kgs and 11,000kgs breaking strains respectively. Each offers 20% elongation.

Ensuring that your strap continues to function like normal, there is a drying and storage bag available, this mesh bag is great for drying the straps after its use in wet conditions. The Mean Mother strap range also includes winch extension straps, an equalization strap, a tree trunk protector and to prevent injury during a failure of an overworked or cheaper strap, they have a recovery damper which sits over the middle or the strap to weigh it down, preventing any spring back.


ARB’s range of snatch straps includes 60mm and 80mm widths, giving 8,000kgs and 11,000kgs breaking strains respectively. In addition, we also carry ARB’s range of winch extension straps and tree trunk protectors.