UHF Radios
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Uniden and Oricom UHF Radios & Antenna

When you are serious about your off-roading, being able to communicate by UHF radio can be not only a convenience, allowing you to share information with other users, but also an aid to your safety and that of your fellow off-roaders.

Here at Ultimate 4WD we carry two trusted names in CB radio – Uniden and Oricom. Both manufacturers make both hand held and under dash installed ranges of UHF radios. All of our radios can acces the emergency channels, in wich you can send out a sos, but can’t hear police or fireys talking to each other.


Starting in the mid 60’s, Uniden have since grown to be one of the most know companies in communications. This reputation is due to their wide range of cordless phones, Bluetooth car kits, GPS navigations, digital surveillance, and the reason why they’re so popular in the 4wd game, their UHF radios and accessories. These UHF radios are designed to produce the best performance available by giving you a small, rugged, and very capable unit that is made to last you for many years to come. 


Another trusted name in CB communications, Oricom make an exciting range of UHF radios, that are built to last and priced to please. These radios come in a large range that can cater to the very basic of needs, solved by a hand held, right up to their serious military spec in car vehicle model.

For tradesmen, Oricom make a great range of hand-held Trade Packs, these packs can be used onsite to give directions to create a safer work environment and although a safe workplace is important, these handheld radios really come in handy when the weekend arrives. These radios really come in to their element in hash conditions; this is due to their rugged, waterproof casing and high quality electrical components.

With their included 5 year warranty, these UHF Radios are the best Australian made solutions on the market