When decking out your off-road vehicle with 4WD accessories, you’ll have a lot of products to choose from, all of which will improve your next 4X4 adventure by tenfold.


If we were to look at every 4WD accessory available we would be here all day (but you can certainly check them out on our website), so, we’re just going to run you through the basics on some of our favourite accessories that are available from Ultimate 4WD.


Bull Bars

4X4 bull bars are more than just a protective device – they also act as a stable mount for ancillary equipment (lighting and etc.) and are sturdy enough to carry an electric recovery winch. 


Modern alloy bull bars can even take the form of a toughened replacement of the vehicle’s standard front bumper, providing the protection of a bull bar, while preserving the lines of the vehicle.


What Features Should You Look for in a Bull Bar?

When purchasing a bull bar for your 4WD, always look for the following features.


-       Comes with ADR compliance

-       The bar won’t affect your vehicle’s warranty

-       Strength, ensuring it’s strong enough to protect you and your family in the event of an accident

-       Made from a high-quality material

-       Compatible with any aftermarket accessories you require

-       Compatible with important factory accessories, such as front parking sensors

-       The look, feel and function of the bar doesn’t affect your vehicle’s functionality


Roof Racks

4WD roof racks are pretty damn useful. When you hit the road on your latest 4X4 adventure you want to be able to transport all of your gear – a roof rack makes this possible.


However, before you get a roof rack installed, check your vehicle’s loading capacity to make sure your 4WD can handle the extra weight. Or, talk to us about your options!


We stock both the Rhino-Rack and Tracklander roof rack systems, both of which are made from quality materials, are sturdy and suit a number of different vehicle types.



The suspension capability of modern vehicles is pretty damn impressive, but 4WD enthusiasts will always want to push that little bit harder and faster and travel just a little bit further. This is why suspension modifications are a must for so many off-road junkies.


To improve your vehicle's suspension you can purchase suspension components and air bag suspension conversions from Ultimate 4WD that have been manufactured by leading Australian companies, like EFS and Dobinson.


Lighting Upgrades

Did you know that two of the biggest causes of car crashes in Australia and across the world are a result of driver fatigue and animal strikes? The risk factor associated with each of these instances can be reduced with better quality lighting, especially when you’re driving in remote, off-road areas.


Extending the reach and intensity of your vehicle’s lights will reduce how much you need to strain your eyes to see clearly, and will improve visibility so you can easily spot any animals that are on the road, or blocking your vehicle.


Thankfully, there are a number of after-market, manufacturers approved lighting upgrades that you can purchase to solve these issues. Our range includes traditional incandescent, high-intensity discharge and new styles of LED driving lights that are more energy efficient and provide better illumination.


Contact the team at Ultimate 4WD to learn more about our comprehensive range on industry leading accessories, as well as our fit-out services.