Christmas with the family is over and you’re ready to hit the road and celebrate New Year’s Eve the best way you know how – by camping!


However, now that we’re in the midst of a hot and dry Australian summer, and with alcohol involved – like it inevitably is when New Year’s Eve rolls around – there are a few extra precautions you should take when you settle into a new campsite for the night.


Monitor Your Alcohol Intake


The last thing we want is to tell you not to have a beer or two to bring in the New Year, however, when you’re out in the desert, bush or even on the beach, medical care isn’t always close by.


When you crack open a cold one, make sure you’ve got a stomach full of grub and that you alternate between alcohol and water. The last thing you want to do is overdo it and do something stupid when help is nowhere to be found. Chances are, you know your limit, so have a few beers, have some fun, and wake up safely come January 1st.


Be Wary of Fire Warnings


Bushfire season is well and truly upon us, so monitoring bush fire warnings is vital to ensure you enjoy your trip and don’t get caught in the middle of a disaster.


When you arrive at the National Park you’ll be staying at, also take note of any fire restrictions. As a general rule, if you don’t need a fire, don’t have one. However, if you do, make sure you put it out before you go to sleep and keep a close eye on it while it’s burning.


Likewise, Watch out For Storm Warnings


Nothing marks the end of a heatwave in Australia more than a storm, and don’t let the dry, arid landscape fool you – Aussie storms can be brutal!


If you’re out in the bush and get hit by a bad storm, try and park your car away from the cover of trees and wait it out inside your vehicle. Make sure you also have all of your camping gear in order and that you have a good quality tent and pegs to keep it grounded if any harsh wind or rain wreaks havoc on your campsite.


Watch Out For Changing Road Conditions


Over the summer months, sandy roads can be soft, making driving conditions a little more difficult. Heed our advice on tyre pressure when driving in sand though, and you’ll be fine!  


Other Campers


Things tend to get a little rowdy on New Year’s Eve, which is to be expected. But, please do be wary of any other campers around you – especially if they have kids with them.


If everyone around you is up and loud late into the night, go for it! But, try to keep things down a little if other campers are calling it an early night.


Before you head out on your trip to welcome in the New Year, talk to the guys at Ultimate 4WD to make sure you’re fully prepared for the days or weeks ahead.