The truth of the matter is that when you ask professionals regarding four wheel drive tire replacement, they will tell you that you need to make replacement for all tires even if it merely involves one problematic tire. Well, this has actually raised concern and many people are wondering whether it would be possible to only make a single tire replacement in a four wheel drive without creating other problems in the vehicle tire system. Here is a simpler explanation regarding the matter that will help you make the right choice when replacing the tire.

Tire tread design

The road offers different conditions for your vehicles. Your vehicle tire needs to be good enough to handle all types of terrain especially if it is a four wheel drive. This brings up the issue of quality. With high quality tires, repair and replacement will not be a constant headache when using your vehicle. All the same, even if there is a slight difference in the tire design for a four wheel drive, they need to be similar in type. Difference in tire design does not have much of an effect on the performance of the vehicle unless of course, tire circumferences differ.

Size of the tire

Obviously, all tires need to be the same regardless of the type of wheel system. A vehicle that has wheels with different sizes especially on four wheel drive will be more likely prone to all kind of damages. Various terrains have different level of effect on the tires and the overall performance of the vehicle tire system.

Tires are available in a wide range of brands and models so you can always check in with the manufacturers if you want same tires. Still, damages can occur on tires that have the same size if there is a significant difference on the circumference. As explained earlier, difference in tire circumference will have an effect on a four wheel drive unless you make replacement for all the tires ensuring they are all similar in all aspects.

How things work in 4WD vehicles

There are two types of four wheel drive in vehicles. They include four wheel drive vehicles that have locking hubs operated manually and four wheel drive vehicles that have automatic hubs. It is easy to get away with more when you choose to have a four wheel drive vehicle with manual-locking hubs. This is because it is not possible to engage the front wheels until you switch the hubs to four wheel-drive-on position. In that case, you can use different tire sizes. The only limitation is that you cannot use your vehicle on a four wheel drive mode if the front tires have different sizes. It does not work with that kind of configuration.

Vehicles with automatic lock hubs require more attention than you can think of, especially when you want to match tires. The front axles in automated lock hubs require tires with similar size and other aspects. The front axles are always turning. Their disengagement takes place when they are at the transfer case. This means that at all instances; you need to use same tire sizes when making replacements to avoid creating future problems. Checking with the manufacturer user manual will always guide you when looking for four wheel drive parts such as the tires.