For the inexperienced, the bull bars fitted to a classy 4 x 4 vehicle may be considered to be no more than just bull bars, but the best four wheel drive accessory vendors can offer will be able to packs loads of functionality into the bull bars themselves. As many four wheel drive experts will agree, there is a good reason to place advanced and technical solutions here.

The simple bull bars have been transformed into a hi-tech utility kit

Every part of your 4 x 4 vehicle needs to provide you with protection to help you keep moving even in the most remote locations where help and assistance is not on hand. Self-sufficiency is the name of the game and deluxe bull bars are fully loaded with features to assist you deal with many of the potential problems and perils that you may need to deal with on your own.

Here are some of the features you should look out for:

•    Fully flexible upswept and tapered wing designs are intended to deliver maximum strength and can be set for a perfect approach angle. Using these advanced bull bars, you can set the wings to the correct angles to ensure best protection for you and your vehicle.

•    Recessed indicators with optional mesh shielding provide all the protection you may need when travelling off road or in a convoy, where there is the risk of road debris thrown up into your vehicle and causing a risk of indicator damage that may not be able to be repaired.

•    Steel uprights are a key component in your bull bars as they support the outer frame, advanced technology bull bars are covered with protection straps to ensure exposed sharp edges are covered and minimum the chance of excessive damage or injury if you have an accident.

•    Advanced bull bars include CB aerial brackets that are welded behind the top cross bar tubes. The advantage of fitting the CB radio antennas here is that this is the best location for clear transmission and reception on the vehicle and this location is perfectly protected.

•    Driving light protection is provided for the essential IPF driving lights that you need to fit to make sure that you have perfect illumination when driving across rough terrain on dark moonless nights.

•    Mounting system brackets are essential as they need to be strong and well fitted. On the best bull bars, the mounting bars are designed for each leading vehicle model to ensure that the attachments can function, even in the most extreme conditions.

•    Hi-lift jacking points need to be top class and they should be available on the bull bars. Having this feature allow jacking to be easily carried out, even in the most difficult conditions.

•    Winch compatibility is an essential feature of your bull bars. The winch bull bar needs to be selected to be compatible with your vehicle’s type and accommodate all your winching needs without risking damage to your vehicle.