A body lift for your 4WD suspension ensures that you get to install larger tires which in turn give you a smoother ride. If you are a person who loves a rough ride, then this is the one thing that you are eager to do and can’t wait for that exhilarating feel the next time you go out on a drive. It is important to put in consideration a few details before going for the body lift to ensure that you get the desired output from your vehicle. The following are few tips on how you can make sure that you get the right size of body lift for your 4WD suspension.

Always start small

You may have a target of 3” or 4” body lift for your 4WD suspension and while this is achievable, you are always advised to start with small lifts and work your way up with time.  The reason behind this is you will encounter problems if you choose to build it up faster. Patience is paramount when it comes to building body lifts as you need to be extremely careful with the parts that you install. You may need to take some time before you can build up to your desired height but then again that means you will be able to enjoy your ride more once you are done.

Consider the vehicles new height

Before you start to install, keep in mind that the vehicle's new height will affect all the other functions of the vehicle. You need to ensure that the steering linkage, drive shaft length, brake lines, breaking, axle strength, slip yoke, gearing and control arms go back to spec. for instance, for a 4” or more lift you need longer front and rear break lines and upper control arms. The track bar will need to be longer and install lengthier emergency brake lines.

Use professionals

Unless you are a mechanic, the first option when it comes to a body lift is that you should always trust your vehicle to a trusted mechanic. They should be someone who has experience in body lift for 4WD suspension and don’t leave your vehicle just anywhere. The advantage of leaving your vehicle to professionals is that they are already aware of what they need to install and where and so it will take them a shorter time to do the lift.

Do it yourself

You can also do it yourself if you believe you are well conversant with the parts and if you are the person who loves to get their hands dirty once in a while. However, you need to be extremely careful and be prepared to counter any problem that may arise. You may have to spend hours under your rig until you get it right. You need to know that the real challenges usually arise when you have done the lift and now you need to make sure that the alignment, track, steering and everything else is back where it needs to be.