When driving off-road and heading for the country side during night hours, you will definitely need a better lighting option for the occasion. Finding the best lighting option will give you a clearer vision at night when driving leaving with you nothing to bother your mind. In that case, extra road lights come in handy for your 4 wheel drive when you plan to go off-road.

These lights not only save you the trouble of hitting animals but also give you a better vision when approaching corners and bends. In addition, you can spot any possible road debris from a distance. There is a limitation on the usage of these extra lights. Since they are used for off-road situations and are mostly installed at the top of a vehicle, they are not usually fit for highways and roads. Here are lighting options that you may want to pick for off-road purposes.

Light-emitting diode (LED) lights

LED (Light-emitting diodes) lights make the perfect solution for work lights because of their versatility. They can be used as daytime running lights, additional brake lights and reverse lights among other essential purposes. LEDs do not require high voltage to function and this makes them affordable and reliable source of light. There is a wide variety of styles for LEDs lights that you can choose depending on where you want to install them in your car. LEDs lights are increasingly growing popular as manufacturers aim at improving their brightness and their projection over longer distances. Therefore, your 4 wheel drive vehicle will do well with LED lights when travelling off-road.

High-intensity Discharge (HID) lights

Across Europe, this is the lighting option widely used by people in their vehicles. High-intensity Discharge lights (HIDs) do not need many watts to function and they make a better option as compared to halogens. They actually produce more lumen when you turn them on. With as low as 40-watts, a perfect set of HID lights is capable of producing more than 2500 lumens. In addition, HID light lifespan is nearly as close as the lifespan of halogen lights.

Consequently, when you use HID lights in your 4WD vehicle, you will not worry about power consumption as they merely draw little power from the alternator and battery. If you are travelling over longer distances, you will be able to save on power at the end of the day. There is one setback though that comes with using HID lights. Since HID light get their power from the alternator, you may end up spending more on fuel. More fuel is burnt to the run the alternator that produces power for the HID lights.

LED lights and HID lights are both good 4WD accessories for your vehicle. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose an option that will suit your vehicle more and make it easy for you to travel off-road. Remember to always make light replacement when there has been any kind of damage or if the lights have actually burnt out. Quick replacements can it safer for you to drive on off-roads.