Making modifications on your 4WD is a process that requires proper planning and execution. Whether you have just bought your car from a showroom or you want to prepare your old one for an excursion, you must have a clear end goal in mind. Understand the reason why you need to undertake some of these modifications, their benefits and the effects they will have on your machine.

Suspension lift

Suspension in your 4WD is important for normal driving on road, and for manoeuvring through the rough terrain on an off road trail. Getting a suspension lift will raise the chassis and make it easier for you to have bigger 4 wheel drive accessories like wheels and tyres to help you get through rough patches.

However, understand the manufacturer’s geometric considerations before making the changes as this could have a serious impact on the centre of gravity and stability of the vehicle. You should be able to maintain the on road performance as you enhance your off road experience. Also, check with your local jurisdiction on the height requirements of your car after a suspension lift.

Wheel and tyres modification

It is obvious that bigger tyres are better on an off road terrain as they provide better ground clearance to help you get through big obstacles. Go for those with a decent tread to provide more traction for sandy and snowy trails. Needless to say, bigger wheels make your car look stronger.

Before making the alterations, ensure that you comply with the legal requirements regarding size and safety. The size of tyres will influence the size of the car, which in turn impacts on the safety of the driver and other road users. They should be suitable for your driving and the environment you intend to explore. Also, consider installing the appropriate difflocks to help all your wheels turn together evenly.

Recovery kit modification

It can be very frustrating for you to get stuck during your adventure. That is why you should stock up on important accessories that will help you get out of trouble when you are off road. You can also use this kit to help others who get stuck in mud or sand, or to pull away a fallen tree so as to clear your trail.

It has a snatch strap for pulling vehicles, a hand operated winch with a ratchet or a ground anchor for the same purpose. It also has a water cover for protection in case you have to drive through large pools of water. Remember to upgrade your bumper to suit your winch in case you are modifying your recovery gear.

Power up your engine

For better performance both off road and on road, consider increasing your engine power. This is especially helpful if your vehicle is older because the engine gets weaker with time. A more powerful engine will help you climb the sand dunes better and overtake more smoothly on the road. However, make sure that you are within your safety standards as you do this. Talk to a mechanic about how to you can undertake the upgrade for the best results.