4WDs are considered to be one of best and safest mode of transportation available today. While plans to buy a new 4WD may get you stoked, you will need to avoid certain mistakes that may affect your overall experience with your precious 4WD monster. Here are the top 5 mistakes you should avoid at all times:

Getting the wrong accessories for your 4WD

Many novice 4WD owners make the mistake of not doing ample research before they lay down their money for their new off-road vehicle. This results in them purchasing the wrong accessories. For example, many vehicles available in the market today carry high-lift jacks and it causes the 4WD to sustain certain damage when it is used near its delicate body panels. It is only safe and effective to use the aforementioned when the 4WD has front, side and rear bars with inbuilt sockets for jack attachment.

Other mistakes include splurging on mud-pattern tyres that never actually get to meet the off-road terrains (denying its actual purpose by staying in the suburbs), unnecessary high suspensions lifts compromising on-road handling and empty heavy roof racks causing fuel consumption penalties are also in the list of mistakes.

Spending way over budget

Sometimes one's over-enthusiasm may take over their common sense, especially if you have just started to join the 4WD scene. Old-timers don't recommend novices to invest too much on modifications and accessories at the early stages. Instead, they should complete a few brief bush trips or sign up with a 4WD club to do some weekend training sessions with the more experienced drivers.

After that, you can take the time to study what your family needs when they start to tag along, rather than spending too much in a short span of time – choose the path that makes more economical sense.

Buying the wrong 4WD from the start

Some owners may discover after a purchase that their vehicle is suited for a purpose that is the total opposite of their original intent. For example, they may want to use a 4WD to conquer tough terrains but the vehicle was originally made to be a soft-riding wagon. Also, some owners have complained of the need to fulfil a long list of mandatory modifications to their newly bought vehicle. Although, basic modifications are needed occasionally for certain applications, it should not break the bank. Whether you are buying a brand new 4WD or a used one, thorough assessment of your intent with the 4WD is needed to prevent regrets.

Believing commercial ads fully

There are some commercials depicting a 4WD driving over large stones, showing off its ability to deflect them and not sustain any damage at all. However, it may be just for show. If a 4WD owner tries to replicate what he or her just witnessed, the vehicle may sustain major damages in the process. As a result, they may be denied their warranty due to a case of driver abuse.

Pass up on a crash course

New 4WD owners tend to have the tendency to challenge the roughest terrain when they have only just started. Before you go anywhere, you should sign for a crash course with a certified trainer. You will have to learn the basics such as setting tyre pressures, deal with flats, judge your 4WD's capabilities, and execute the convoy procedure etc. Also, with experience, you make better decisions on what modifications or accessories work best for you and you can get only the best to optimise your 4WD vehicle.

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