Going on an off-road trip via your 4x4 requires you to make safety a top priority during your ride. Taking safety precautions will be for your own good and for the good of your passengers. Keep the following safety measures in mind and you will surely have that pleasurable off-roading experience

It would be good to know your vehicle from inside out

Appreciating how your 4x4 vehicle looks is more than what you see on the outside. It also requires knowing it very well in the sense that you examine what is in it for you. Safety wise, you should know its limits making sure that you never go beyond them. It would also be best to check that your vehicle is in good running condition.

Before even leaving your garage, you should know where the jack and spare tire is located. Make sure you know how to use them. Some other things you need to check are mentioned below:

  • Ramp, approach and departure angles. Together with this, you must also be aware of the width, height and length angles of your vehicle. These angles should be taken into account so that you can note the particular spots you can squeeze through whenever needed.
  • Clearance. You should know how much of this your vehicle has. Give regard to the lowest point of clearance too.
  • Low ratio gearbox. You should practise using one.
  • Electronic stability control system. If your 4x4 has one, better learn more about how, why and when it works.
  • Computer. Know where it is located so that you will have the better knowledge about your truck's capabilities to pass through water.

Have a companion while going off-road

Well, for first timers on the off-road, you might want to experiment travelling on your own. Remember that this is not the safest way to go. It is always best to have a companion, whether you are a first-timer or not. You should also have a back-up vehicle in case off-roading will not work pretty well to your favour.

Expect the unexpected

When expecting, you should also be prepared. You should have emergency supplies on hand in case the travelling gets rough. Make sure you have extra clothing, blankets and your first aid kits with you. Additionally, you must be guarded when the weather seems tough.

Inform others about your off-roading spree

It would be best to let others know that you are going on this much-awaited trip. That way, they can reach out to you (or you to them) whenever emergency arises. Make sure you have their contact numbers and they also have yours. Keep contacts of police departments and insurance companies in your mobile phone too.

Leave any excess baggage behind

Travel light is the way to go if you want to ensure safety while off-roading. Make it a point that the weight of these loads is balanced evenly. Doing this will help you get a smooth ride.

It is best to know where you are going

Having a safe trip also dictates that you should know where you are going.  You should likewise know the better route to get there. It is crucial to have a map with you just to make sure you will get to your destination.

Off-roading must be fun and exciting but if you really want to enjoy your trip with your 4x4, you have to take note of the safety measures mentioned above. Take the road slow but sure. Enjoy the road and stay safe all the time!



Top Reasons To Use A 4WD When Exploring Australia

If you are looking for a place where driving a 4x4 truck will be much of a delight and experience all rolled into one, then heading to Australia would be the best decision. The country boasts of overwhelming, picturesque scenery and has the toughest, most exciting four-wheel drive routes. The water and mud crossings are challenging and the rock climbs are great spots to use a 4WD while you are in this country. Not to forget, there are also other great reasons to use a 4WD when exploring Australia.

A 4WD is most suitable to Australia's challenging terrains

Off-roaders who have been to Australia have attested to the capabilities of a 4WD vehicle when it comes to handling the challenging spots and terrains in the country. A 4WD is proven to work best with its manoeuvrability taking the toughest of dirt, mud and gravel crumpling in its bush ability.  

A 4WD is highly flexible

Four-wheel drives are considered flexible in the sense that it can be switched to the two-wheel driving mode. You can make use of that switching if you are to travel the streets of Australia. Of course, not to forget, that with its flexibility comes higher load capacity, passenger comfort, greater storage space and more engine capacity that works both in soft and hard surfaces. Now, you also get diesel-powered engines in 4WDs making them an economical vehicle of choice.

A 4WD ensures a safe journey

Recognising the toughest roads and traversing the mud and waters of Australia's terrain requires a safe ride. That safe journey to the country's outskirts is only made possible by a four-wheel drive. These days, you can even look for a 4x4 club with members who are more than willing to accompany you to a safe trip. These clubs encourage the use of modern satellite navigation systems coupled with sophisticated mobile devices. That will now boil down to all the excitement you are looking forward to with the 4x4 experience.

A 4WD opens a better way to enjoy Australia's wildlife and nature

Australia is known for its wildlife parks and captivating flora. These flora and fauna combinations are out in the wilderness of this country thus a four-wheel drive is best suited to enjoy this experience. Explore all these scenic views with a 4WD and you are sure to get mesmerised by the whole idea.

A 4WD is your best partner to travelling Australia's different routes

Going out on a 4WD on your trip to Australia is more than just exploring the great land of this country. You can travel the off-road in groups and get the chance to communicate with locals who will help you access your tracks. You can also take advantage of the 4WD equipment if you are planning to visit snow-covered terrains in the country.         Your 4x4 truck will also be great if you want to go fishing in the streams or if you want to get a glimpse of spring flowers and grasses.

Going to Australia and enjoying its off-road will require getting a reliable vehicle for the trip.  There is no vehicle as reliable as a 4WD for these experiences. It is surely the best way to go if you want to explore the country any time of the year.


What Are The Features You Can Find In Luxury 4x4 Vehicles?

There are many interesting facts to know about luxury 4X4 vehicles. They have evolved through time and their history boasts of features that you would surely love with the different brands and models available in the market. Gone were the days when 4WDs simply were built on a light truck chassis. These days, you get 4WDs both for military and non-military consumers.

Introduction of 4WD vehicles

Before getting a closer look at the features to love in luxury 4WD vehicles, it would be good to know where the whole idea of luxury started. It was in 1998 when the Ford Motor Company via its Lincoln Division introduced the luxury 4WD. The company named this the Navigator. This luxury version lives by the legacy and character of the brand but was well-known to consumers because of all the elegance it offers.

The big leap made by Ford Motor encouraged its competitors to work closely and see what else they can offer when it comes to luxury 4WDs. Following suit was General Motors, the toughest competitor Ford Motor had during those times. From Ford Motor Company to General Motors, all other vehicle brands attempted to introduce their own versions of the luxury four-wheel drive in the market.

Features for pleasurable experiences

If there is one set of feature to love when it comes to using 4WDs, then that would be those that boil down to a better definition of pleasurable experience. For one, its engines were updated in the sense that you get the same acceleration you have been enjoying in sports cars. These engines were blended well with transmission components allowing the vehicle's gears to work flawlessly on any off-road medium.

Minimised road noise

With luxury 4WD vehicles, you can now start forgetting about high cranked stereo sounds and irritating squeaks that were once present in the older versions. With the minimal road noise promised by these versions, you can now easily get your focus on the road, except of course if your teens are so loud on their own definition of music.

Cabin features

Cabins of luxury four-wheel drives have also been updated to provide comfort to every user. The seats offer shape-shifting designs that seem to mould to your body with just a touch of a button. These are manoeuvred with electrical components and are made out of the finest leather materials. The cabin's make-up is a far cry from traditional hard seats. With the cushiony feel to them, you can sit comfortably even if you are heading to a long and tiring cross-country holiday.

Automatic climate system

The comfort offered by these luxurious 4WD vehicles extend to the automatic climate system that can be adjusted according to your needs. Passengers can also adjust ventilation and use other controls that are most suitable for the ride.

Technological enhancements

Of course, you should not forget about the technological improvements made in luxury 4x4 vehicles. These are equipped with accurate navigation systems coupled with a very intuitive interface. You can also enjoy voice command features as well as smartphone integration when it comes to this department. DVD entertainment centres with matching remote controls and headsets are also present.

The features found in luxury 4WD vehicles are a far cry from its traditional counterparts. Today, you can make use of these four-wheel drives too for your off-road trips and let us know about the fun you have in the comment section!



Apply Different 4x4 Driving Techniques For Different Off Road Scenarios!

Driving your 4WD truck off-road requires experience and skill. You have to be trained to do certain driving technique, no matter what type of off-road scenario you are in. Learning the different techniques is your only license to getting safe at all times if you love to go off-roading. What techniques apply to the different off-road scenarios? Read on to find out!

Driving in deep ruts and ditches

In this type of scenario, you are required to practise your steering skills. Make sure you do not oversteer though. It would be best to familiarise yourself with your vehicle's ground clearance and that you allow wheels to follow their route. When steering, you have to grab the wheel lightly but firm enough to have control over the vehicle's movement.

Driving on the hills

Perhaps, one of the most challenging routes when driving a 4WD is doing a hill climb or descent. The technique in here is very easy though. Know the best route possible and avoid holes, stumps and rocks whenever necessary. Your gears must be placed on a steady pace and your wheels must work according to the traction required in such a scenario. In case you feel your 4X4 stops on the hill, use your brakes and clutches working on a reverse motion. Do not work on the brakes on your descent or you will roll over. The engine, in this case, will make the necessary adjustments to the brakes.

Driving on a muddy terrain

Mud can stick the wheels of the 4WD and requires working on the tire's tread. The bad news is even the most aggressive treads can have a hard time dealing with mud. You can work on this by steering from left to right as often as possible. You should have steady momentum and make sure you lower your tire pressure as well.

Driving in snow

Working on your gears matters if you are driving your 4WD in a snowy terrain. Make sure that the gear is shifted to low. This is the best way to maintain momentum. Additionally, you should avoid changing gears especially when the situation does not call for it. It is also recommended to stay on the higher side of the slope to avoid frozen streams, branches and rocks. In case you need to drive an uphill snow, you should give regard to steering, shifting from left to right not sideways.

Driving in deep water

Driving a 4WD in deep water can be very challenging but the first things you need to check on are underwater potholes as well as submerged objects. In case you cannot check on that because you cannot peek through the bottom, you can walk where the left tire goes then return based on where the right tire goes.

Driving in soft sand

Driving in this scenario requires paying attention to sharp turns. You should maintain your momentum but never brake or at least avoid it. If you are under load, never change gears. Start off slowly in terms of speed and reduce tire pressure by half.

Yes, it is quite obvious that different off-road scenarios require different 4WD driving techniques. You simply have to abide by the basic rules and you will be sure you are safe no matter how challenging the situation is at the moment. It will help not to overthink things if you intend to get out of the road in the safest way possible.

Get To Know The Different 4WD Accessories You Can Invest On!

Owning a 4WD requires basic knowledge of how to make it work on the off-road. Add to that, you should also familiarise yourself with the different accessories that can come as another form of investment on your part. Getting to know about these accessories will give you more information about how you can take advantage of each one for your vehicle's needs.

Lighting accessories

There are different types of lighting accessories for 4WDs. For one, there is the lamp detector which can be used aggressively if you need signals of a possible collision. In another, there are also warning lights that make you enjoy your vehicle even more since they give you a better feel of how speed should work according to your level of comfort. Of course, solar blinkers must not be forgotten. These lights will give you a better experience while you steer through rough paths.

Accessories to carry your essentials

Getting a roof rack is best if you travel off-road more often than usual. Roof racks carry the most basic things you need for the trip. With these accessories in place, you can pack all other essentials that will make your travel more fun and interesting. You can use the roof rack for your surfboards in case you are heading down the beach. It can also be a room for your mountain bike in case biking through the mountains is a part of your plans on your off-road trip.

Accessories for your safety

There are also certain accessories that will ensure your safety while hitting the road. One of them is the radiation monitor, an accessory that helps you monitor road safety. Then there are skid plates that protect your vehicle's engine and radiator specifically when the 4WD should come in contact with rugged terrains. In case you need to overcome unfavourable situations, you can also make use of sand ladders and cargo nets that will help you deal with unconventional roads and rough stretches.

Recovery gears and accessories

You can think of different recovery gears and accessories that can be used in various scenarios. In situations when you may need to raise up the vehicle to avoid the toughest of terrains or to deal with mishaps on the road, the X-Jack is one accessory to think of. This is a dependable tool in case disaster hits you while you are off the road. Another recovery gear would be winch extension straps that are usable in scenarios when you need to stretch up to get comfort from the traditional traps your vehicle has.

Accessory for your protection

The best protection equipment you can use to accessorise your 4WD is the bull bar. The bull bar basically protects the front of the truck. For your 4WD's sides and rear, it is best to invest in protections specifically made for such parts of the vehicle.

There are indeed different types of accessories that help you enjoy your 4WD experience to the fullest. The accessories mentioned above are the most basic ones you can invest on to enjoy the off-road experience!