One of the things you should look into when purchasing 4x4 parts is the tyre. Often, you will be given a variety of answers as to how you can choose one. Yes, what others say you should think of when making a purchase will be entirely different from what other dealers will speak to encourage you to invest on their items. In order to give you an idea of the best choice, read on.

A choice between tubeless or split rims

In the past, all vehicles have been gifted with split rim tyres because of the fact that these were the easiest to produce back then. They are also the cheapest so to speak thus no other options have been offered to the public. However, like any other product, the split rim was developed into better versions. In 1985, when Toyota launched its Landcruiser 75 series, it also introduced a tyre with grey split rims and a rubber or otherwise coined as 'razor blades'.

Since 4WDs are expected to always get off-road, on the toughest terrains, vehicle manufacturers have developed several tyre technologies that can keep the truck going. Whilst tubeless rims were launched, split rims with standard tubes continued to be favoured by many. This is for the fact that these versions offer a great advantage especially when you are stuck out there and you have three flat tyres.

It is often a choice between fashion and function

As mentioned above, split rims seem to be the best choice you will have if you own a 4WD. They are with no doubt the perfect tyres off-road. But some other truck owners will rather look for fashionable tyres that do not sacrifice function. It is good to note that tubeless rims of these days are becoming very popular too. These tyres have steel piles found just beneath the tyre tread. These parts provide you with quality off-road experience as it combines strength and grip so the tyres will run smoothly off the road.

There are also different styles to choose from

Most 4WDs have been purchased so you can use it off track and off road. This is unquestionable. Depending on the type of truck you own, there are different 4WD tyres to choose from. First is the Highway Terrain Tyre (H/T) which consists of a style that is 90% road and 10 off-road. Then there is the mud terrain (M/T) whose style is made for 15% road and 85% off-road. Lastly, there is the all-terrain (A/T) tyre that mixes 60% road with 40% off-road driving.

Take note that no matter how varied these tyres are in terms of style, it is good that all of them perform very well in 4 x 4 situations. Of course, you have to be very careful when heading off-road if you want to take advantage of any of these three 4wd tyres.

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