There are many interesting facts to know about luxury 4X4 vehicles. They have evolved through time and their history boasts of features that you would surely love with the different brands and models available in the market. Gone were the days when 4WDs simply were built on a light truck chassis. These days, you get 4WDs both for military and non-military consumers.

Introduction of 4WD vehicles

Before getting a closer look at the features to love in luxury 4WD vehicles, it would be good to know where the whole idea of luxury started. It was in 1998 when the Ford Motor Company via its Lincoln Division introduced the luxury 4WD. The company named this the Navigator. This luxury version lives by the legacy and character of the brand but was well-known to consumers because of all the elegance it offers.

The big leap made by Ford Motor encouraged its competitors to work closely and see what else they can offer when it comes to luxury 4WDs. Following suit was General Motors, the toughest competitor Ford Motor had during those times. From Ford Motor Company to General Motors, all other vehicle brands attempted to introduce their own versions of the luxury four-wheel drive in the market.

Features for pleasurable experiences

If there is one set of feature to love when it comes to using 4WDs, then that would be those that boil down to a better definition of pleasurable experience. For one, its engines were updated in the sense that you get the same acceleration you have been enjoying in sports cars. These engines were blended well with transmission components allowing the vehicle's gears to work flawlessly on any off-road medium.

Minimised road noise

With luxury 4WD vehicles, you can now start forgetting about high cranked stereo sounds and irritating squeaks that were once present in the older versions. With the minimal road noise promised by these versions, you can now easily get your focus on the road, except of course if your teens are so loud on their own definition of music.

Cabin features

Cabins of luxury four-wheel drives have also been updated to provide comfort to every user. The seats offer shape-shifting designs that seem to mould to your body with just a touch of a button. These are manoeuvred with electrical components and are made out of the finest leather materials. The cabin's make-up is a far cry from traditional hard seats. With the cushiony feel to them, you can sit comfortably even if you are heading to a long and tiring cross-country holiday.

Automatic climate system

The comfort offered by these luxurious 4WD vehicles extend to the automatic climate system that can be adjusted according to your needs. Passengers can also adjust ventilation and use other controls that are most suitable for the ride.

Technological enhancements

Of course, you should not forget about the technological improvements made in luxury 4x4 vehicles. These are equipped with accurate navigation systems coupled with a very intuitive interface. You can also enjoy voice command features as well as smartphone integration when it comes to this department. DVD entertainment centres with matching remote controls and headsets are also present.

The features found in luxury 4WD vehicles are a far cry from its traditional counterparts. Today, you can make use of these four-wheel drives too for your off-road trips and let us know about the fun you have in the comment section!