Summertime is the best season for 4x4 vehicle owners to climb rocks, crawl through mud and even flex the suspension of their cars to see how far they can push their rig. It brings so much fun and excitement, especially if you are an off-roading fanatic. But did you know that the 4x4 vehicle can fail in the middle of things? Don't be like those people who don't see the need to invest in items such as a winch or mud tires. These will save you time, money, worries and energy in case of eventualities. Below are some helpful recovery accessories that can help your way out when you get stuck:

Tow hooks

 A proper tow hook is such an important component and a must have for any off-road adventure. Although lots of SUVs and other 4x4 vehicles have built in tow hooks, some may be too small for the task. Make sure that you have both rear and front tow hooks mounted on to your vehicle, so in case you get stuck, you are set with an "anchor point" to mount on to. Sometimes you are not sure if what you have will suffice; it is important to consult your mechanic or dealer to ensure that you have the right item.

Recovery strap

A standard recovery strap should be about two inches wide and thirty to forty feet long. It should be rated to pull out those heavy vehicles. Ropes, chains and other things that are not designed for the vehicle recovery should be avoided. And this strap should not be tied around just anything; if you attach it to axels, bumpers or steering components they will only damage the 4x4 vehicle.

High lift jack

This is another important recovery tool. A high life jack comes in handy especially if you get stuck in some awkward locations. You will use it to raise your vehicle and also attach the strap in an appropriate location.


A winch is also an important item to have especially if your vehicle has a bull bar installed. You can pull yourself out of trouble by anchoring the vehicle to a tree or any other fixed object. However, it is recommended that you only use it if you know how to do it properly.


Taking a few minutes to dig a round the four wheel drive's tires, you will definitely recover your four wheel drive vehicle. You can go for the combo shovel because this means that you and the co-driver can take charge easily and that you have everything in the kit to recover the vehicle.


This cannot be over emphasized; without a spare tire, you are not going anywhere. There are different tires for different kinds of terrains. Also, always make sure that the tire pressure is in the required level in order to give good tractions. You may also want to carry a gauge to help you know if you are doing it right. At K&N Ultimate 4WD, we have all sorts of accessories that can make your off-road adventure be double the fun. Contact us today for your enquiries!