A factory standard vehicle is not designed to go off road, apart from mild unsealed roads and sand tracks, which is where upgrades and modifications come in. There is a wide range of 4x4 accessories on the market today, all meant to turn a basic 4x4 into a very capable vehicle that can handle all terrains within good reason. The modification process can be highly rewarding and great fun. However, it can also be very expensive and frustrating if one does not go about it the right way.


The purpose of modifying a vehicle is to enhance its off-road capabilities, look, reliability, strength, and comfort level. Numerous modifications can help one to achieve these possibilities, and it is easy to get most enhancement accessories online at very affordable prices. One of the best places to look for 4x4 accessories such as roof racks, recovery gear, spotlights and more is on our website. 

Most four-wheel drive vehicle owners make the mistake of modifying their vehicles without doing proper research. In order for a vehicle to function efficiently, there is the need for all parts and accessories to fit together. Therefore, owners need to think carefully before purchasing any accessory or modification.

Choosing the wrong modification will end up costing a lot of extra money and time. In addition, many people spend a lot of money on modifications without considering the legalities involved. It is important to understand that certain major modifications require prior written approval according to the approved code of practice.

Bar work

Bar work is one of the most important parts of enhancing the safety and capability of a 4x4 vehicle. Bar work includes fabrication of a bull bar, roof racks, rear bar, and sidesteps. However, depending on the purpose of the vehicle, roof racks are not as important. A bull bar provides enhanced protection to the front part of the vehicle in case of an impact, and can house winches for remote four wheel driving. Rock sliders or sidesteps protect the sills of the vehicle and help people climb into the vehicle, while the rear bar provides additional protection for the rear part of the car and helps to distribute the towing load across the chassis.

Suspension upgrades

Modifying the suspension of a 4x4 vehicle may be one of the most effective ways of improving its off-road performance. Eventually, the power, big wheels, low gears, lockers, or flashy paintwork cannot compare to the benefits of a high performance suspension. The factory standard suspension is somewhat small and not for serious off-road driving. The shocks in particular will usually heat up and die.


Usually, the type of suspension will determine what one can do with the vehicle. However, one can lift a 4x4 vehicle a few inches without a lot of trouble by putting body blocks between the body and the chassis. A body lift raises the body from the chassis, which means that one can use large tires without them rubbing on the vehicle body. It is advisable to do a suspension modification after adding all of the extra weight to the car. A 4x4 vehicle novice may not see the need for bar work and suspension upgrades... however, experienced off roaders know better!