So, you want a 4WD…


But what type of 4WD do you want? And, just as importantly, what modifications do you want to make to your chosen 4WD?


When it comes to purchasing a 4WD the logical order of succession is to get the 4WD first and then choose your 4WD accessories, right? Well… maybe not.


This may be a bit of a controversial statement, but just hear us out. Have you ever known someone who has purchased a 4WD and spent thousands on modifications only to sell it shortly after because it didn’t do what they wanted it to do?


If you’ve spent plenty of time off road you’ve probably come across a number of vehicles that you look at and think ‘what the hell were they thinking?’ Because frankly, their accessories paired with their vehicle, make absolutely no sense.


How can you avoid ever experiencing either of these dilemmas first-hand? Well that’s easy. Before you purchase your vehicle or your equipment think long and hard about how you will be using your 4WD.


Are you planning on using the 4WD for short beach drives or epic cross-country adventures? Will you be towing a camper, caravan or boat? Plus, what sort of essential equipment and safety accessories will you need to get you through each trip you take? All of these questions will not only determine which vehicle is most suitable for you, they will also determine what modifications you’ll need.


So, why choose the accessories first?


Well, that’s simple; not all accessories are compatible with every type of vehicle.


The parts simply may not fit, there may not be enough room; there are a number of reasons this could happen, but the fact is, it could happen. If you buy your vehicle and then realise the 4WD bull bar you need can’t be installed on your new 4WD, or that there’s not enough boot space to store all of your equipment, what happens then?


You might end up having to spend even more money on extra modifications, or could find yourself stuck with a vehicle that doesn’t do what you need it to do.


When it comes to four wheel drives, vehicle and accessories come hand-in-hand. Unless you’re buying a vehicle that has been modified to your exact modifications already (something that’s extremely unlikely) chances are you’ll be doing some form of modifications to your vehicle.


The moral of this story is to work out all of the details, even the seemingly minute ones, before you start throwing your cash around.


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