The mighty FJ is back out on the dunes to test the fantastic Stage 6 Icon suspension, and what better way to do it then to play hard in the sand.

Glen puts all of the progress of the previous 11 parts to this build, to the Ultimate test by ensuring that we get as much out of this vehicle as possible. Watch as he manages to drift this beast around corners, jump it over crests, and show just how well the suspension works.

This amazing suspension is a beauty to behold, by not only making your vehicle perform to the very best it can, but also giving you the styling of these aircraft grade aluminium bodied shocks. This high quality finish and materials, easily makes them look like something that NASA has created for a moon buggy.
Surprisingly looking good isn't actually their strong point, its actually there world wide fame of producing the very best product on the market to date. This popularity is all due to the massive amount of comfort to your ride in even the most harshest of terrain, (as depicted in this video) giving the body an absolute steady hold while the underside goes crazy, confusing to the surface like shit to a blanket.
This is commonly referred to as "a duck on water" because just like the humble feathered creature, this suspension gives you a calm exterior all while your legs are going crazy to keep up.

If you would like your vehicle to be build to the same high quality standard that has made us famous world wide, and has been used to produce this amazingly capable Project FJ cruiser. Then drop by the shop, give us a call, flick us an email, or just browse through one of the biggest 4wd website around.

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